It’s Christmas!


Hello Friends!

Can you believe that it is already Christmas? Or that 2019 is almost over! If you are in amazement over this fact, or alarmed, fear not you are not alone.

Today I am sitting in my living room writing out this blog post while listening to my four year old sing Jingle Bells. We’ve been up since six this morning, to turn the tree lights on, get more fire wood, things to make fudge for Santa with and of course to get donuts. As we ventured out this incredibly chilly morning I was humbly ecstatic that the traffic was light. Another reason to love the heck out of the season, and the story was practically empty. Which was a good thing, because today is one of those rare days where I venture outside in my natural state. What is that you ask? Well, it is the no make up, barely combed hair fresh out of bed look!

Christmas isn’t just about the presents, it is about watching all the Harry Potter you can before falling asleep!

Anyway, back to my living room! Harry Potter is playing on the telly, as is right and just, the fire is going and I am snug as a bug in my faux fur blanket I got from fabfitfun. (no promo).

If you find yourself at a loved one’s house, or if you are staying home this Christmas, do something for yourself. Here are a few things I do when I need to press the pause button, or like in this case stop and smell Christmas!

Things you can do for yourself to enjoy the holidays!

  • Get your favorite movie or show on! Love Actually is a good choice, so is Harry Potter, and of course A Christmas Story
  • Start a pleasant conversation with a friend, lover, or loved one. (Yes, I said Lover!) Keep the conversation light, talk about books or something that isn’t going to turn into a fight!
  • Put on some really good Christmas Music. Nothing that is going to get people talking, but music that is going to put a smile on everyone’s face..EVERYONE listens to “All I want for Christmas.” by Mariah Carey.

My main wish for everyone on this glorious day is to let go of the stress of getting the perfect gift, you have what you have. Let the season wash over you, let it give you life! Enjoy your time with your family, or by yourself. Just take a moment and REALLY enjoy the day! Enjoy the season. Tomorrow will be here before you know it, as will 2020, let the stress and everything else wait until tomorrow!

Merry Christmas everyone, and welcome to my new site!

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