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Many moons ago now, when I moved to the Pacific Northwest, I knew I was going to love it. What I didn’t know what how much I would love it!

What you see in “Twilight”, not the other four movies, but the first one, only hits at the magic of this wondrous place. I would say that “Goonies” is the better movie for you if you wanted to see the Pacific Northwest in its finest.

Depending on the time of year you decided to venture to the Pacific Northwest, will determine the fairytale like experience you will receive. I get no one likes to travel or explore in the winter, but the fall….

The fall up here is magical, almost surreal

No matter when you decide to come here are a few things you should check out.

There is a sense of peace, when you enter the Pacific Northwest. It is as though you are finally home.

A few things you should see and do

  • Saint Helens: This little town is so picturesque, and so sweet you don’t need an explanation why so many films were set here. (Twilight, (some of) New Moon, Halloween Town, ect.) The city is building a new boardwalk that has really transformed this little town. This is a little place that should be visited anytime of the year. My family and I travel here ever Halloween to experience Halloween Town.
  • Beer Festival: That’s right there is a Beer Festival here. From Washington to Oregon, you can try all the beer your little heart wants. You will experience local beer breweries, and learn some interesting ways they come up with their brews. To learn more click here.
  • Visit Portland: Portland is a welcoming city with a serious laid back vibe. You don’t need to worry about the rain because there is an indoor mini golf place that you can play while you wait out the rain. Portland, unlike most large cities is affordable and like New York is picky about their food. Portland has a great food selection from the food carts to mom and pop restaurants. Pioneer Square is a good place to go to start your food cart journey! Don’t forget to stop at Case Study coffee cafe where you can read a book and have interesting conversations with a stranger. Oh, and by the way, Portland is a city where you don’t have to worry about knowing someone. Everyone in Portland seems to be super nice and ready to talk about anything.

Interesting? Here are a few sites you can visit to help you decided what you want to do and where to go!

Hopefully you enjoyed some of my suggestions about the Pacific Northwest, and you are booking you ticket! If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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