My Skin Care Routine


I have always washed my face before bed. I have done it for so long that I do not remember a time when I never did it. However, I do remember watching my sister wash her face with Noxzema. I remember the smell and the sound of George Micheal singing about “Faith” as she applied and rinsed.

I am a girl who wears make up everyday. Well, except for Sundays. However, regardless of me wearing make up or not I always wash my face. I may not use Noxzema as my sister once did, but I still take care of my skin the way she does. Here are a few things I do to take care of my skin.

Your skin’s health is just as important as your heart.

I wash my face using a gentle cleanser, however before I do that I take off my make up using this fancy cloth I got from FabFitFun called the makeup eraser. This little pink cloth can be used for almost five years and can be washed! Using only water you can gently remove your make up and feel good that you are not contributing to waste! (click here to check it out on Amazon)

Now, I wash my face with La Roche-Posay. Like Diane de Poitiers, I wash my face in cold water. Why? For some reason it seems to make my skin more silky, less visible pores and well just less everything negative. I love it, thought I must warn you it is not for the faint of heart. Especially if you live where I live and the water is almost as cold as ice.

Once I am cleaned and dry I use a toner to make sure that I have all those makeup products off of my face. Then I move on to the creams!

How many do I use, well not many. I just use an all over cream, and an under eye cream. However I just started adding hyaluronic acid to my routine. In addition to all of this I also do things for my skin through my diet.

One of the things I do is drink loads and loads of water! I also take vitamins from Ritual that seem to give my weak hair and nails the boost they need. And of course I take collagen pills, not the powder cause it is gross…well it is for me.

Hopefully you enjoyed some of my skin care routines. If you have any questions , or want to share your routines, feel free to chat!

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