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Do you often wake up in the morning thinking, “What its morning already!?”, followed by “What am I going to wear?” I understand that not everyone is like me or feels the way I do about winter. Personally I love love fall and winter. During the warmer months I yearn for the cooler days of fall and winter so I can wear my sweet sweaters and coats.

My go to winter outfit is always a basic turtleneck sweater and some jeans. However, I have been mixing it up a bit by adding a scarf or a pashmina. Now that I have discovered the sherpa sweater coat from LL Bean I am now into fuzzy warmth!

However there is nothing wrong with basics.

During the winter you should have good quality sweaters. I am talking about the sweater that you really have to take care of but will never go out of style and you can wear it for a long time. So don’t cringe when you see an eighty dollar price tag, just know that you are going to wear that sweater for a while! Here are some other things you could wear during the winter to stay cozy!

Hoodies with a trench coat!? Yes, and it is super cozy. The idea came from Hari and the Gang

Same goes for a good trench. As seen in the picture above they are versatile. I follow this gal on instagram called Hari and the Gang, home of the Hello hoodie. This hoodie is a game changer and a must for those days when you just want to be cozy!

In addition to some staple pieces you should have some varieties of beanies. I knit, so I have a lot of beanies to choose from. And of course I have coordinating scarves to go with them. Beanies are another great way to just be cozy and of course get another day out of washing your hair! 🙂

If you happen to live in the part of the world where I live, then a good puffer is key! There is a wide selection out there and not that badly priced, if you know where to go. For instance you can get a $100 coat from Columbia for around $80. I once got a $500 snow and ski jacket from Columbia for around $90. I know what you’re thinking, she uses coupons…the answer to that is no. I shop online or at the Columbia outlet store. Investing in a really good puffer is a must!

Lastly, a good set of boots. I have a wide variety because not only do I have to worry about rain but I have to think about snow as well. I aim more on the comfy side than anything else. And aside from the plaid duck boots shown above I normally go with neutral colors like brown or black so I can where them with just about anything.

Hopefully you enjoyed some of my ideas for winter outfits. If you have any questions feel free to chat!

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