Stress and CORVID-19, How to deal?


For what feels like forever, we have been hearing about is CORVID-19. Schools have since shut down as did half of the country. Each time we venture out into the world for something as simple as getting toilet paper we risk getting this fast spreading virus. Like with many of you I have been hibernating in my home trying to balance work, life, and being a mom. As you many have noticed I have been absent as of late. Why? Well, again the above but without the CORVID-19.

However, now I am getting a bit of a routine. The anxiety is a bit manageable but the stress… well.

How is one to deal with all of this?

Personally, when stress gets to me I start to clean. (Think Monica from Friends.) I have pretty much done all of my spring cleaning and now I am sitting here thinking about the worries of the world. What is a girl to do now?

Well here a few ideas that I think will help you deal with the stress and help you pass the time till we can all run outside free of this virus.

  1. knit! I know that it is almost Spring, but knitting can be very therapeutic. Not to mention you could get a good start a scarf or perhaps knit something from one of your favorite movies or shows. There are a lot of Outlander patterns on Ravelry. Outlander not your thing, well perhaps Twilight or Harry Potter. You can find those patters, and most of them free on Ravelry. Another place you might look for patterns is Etsy. I love RoseHipLaneKnits. She has the cutest patterns and they are super easy to follow. Another place to find patterns is pintrest or just google. Trust me, knitting will get you thinking about other things than this horrible virus.
  2. Learn a language. Currently, I am working on my French. A friend of mine from NOLA, is working on her Spanish. We both predict we will be super fluent by the end of this! Rosetta Stone is a great source but I personally find it to be mundane. If apps are your thing then take a look at Apprendre from TV5Monde. This app is in French, but there are other languages that you can choose from. This app gives you culture with little quizes that help you stay engaged. This is a great break from Rosetta Stone, if you are busy minded like I am. You could also look at Babble. Which is a great source and offers you pretty much what Rosetta Stone gives you. After you learn one language you could start working on another more difficult one, since most languages are related you might even find the second one easier to learn. If you are up for a super challenge then take a stab at learning German!
  3. Read that book you have been dying to read! A good book, can not only take you places but it can keep your mind busy. One book that I think you might like is called The One. It is an interesting perspective on soul mates and dating!
  4. Catch up on a series. For me that series is Poldark. Also start a new one, A Million Little Things continues to break my heart. Or watch a fan favorite like Gilmore Girls, Dawson’s Creek or Gavin and Stacey! Those are just a few of my favorites.
  5. Work out. Tried and true way of getting rid of stress. Workout, challenge yourself! Like Jim Carey and his beard growing challenge, perhaps you can challenge yourself to see if you can workout until the CORVID-19 clears. Exercise not only benefits your mind but also your immune system, so a win win all around!

There you have it friends, just a little something to keep your mind stress free if only for a few short hours!

Until next time!

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