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Relocating: The Struggle is real (and fun!)


It’s June, and I am living my best life right now. Not because of the pandemic that is plaguing our lives but for many other reasons. For one, in the Pacific Northwest we are experiencing a delicate June and to be honest the best EVER. Normally by now, I would not be wearing my rain boots or a sweet sweatshirt that I just got for Christmas.

I am not someone who loves being hot or sweating, which is why I am excited that the rain is giving me a chance to wear my new boots (I waited over two years for these boots and finally got them on super sale three weeks ago) and the heat has decided to go elsewhere. Another reason I am excited about this month is that I booked one-way tickets to France.

As I am busy packing up my things and getting extremely overwhelmed. I am also getting overly excited about the possibilities.
The one thing that I am having issues with at this time is getting all of my things in my luggage! That and worrying about logistics.
Choosing between my books, shoes, and clothing is like Sophie’s choice. How can one choose between books and shoes? I love books more than I love shoes, which is why I have more books than shoes.

Packing my personal item, which is not very big, is forcing me to make a choice. You never know how much stuff, or junk, you have until you start to sort through it, and I mean really sort through it. I think I have thrown away so much stuff, stuff that I once thought was something that I needed, and loved! Most of my electronics will not work in France, which is ok. It is not like I am moving to the middle of nowhere! ( One has to learn to let go of somethings)

I know there are real struggles out there, mine is minor in comparison. For me, anxiety is what is troubling me. This is overwhelming, more so than moving from state to state. While stressing about what to pack, I have to remind myself I have been preparing myself for this kind of move for years! First when I moved across the country to NOLA and then to California and then to Nevada and lastly to the Pacific Northwest. Each time I moved I learned new ways of packing.

Marie Kondo has also helpful! Watching how she folds and packs items has helped out tremendously! Especially when you are on a minimum of 50 box budget! Because of her, I managed to squeeze two dresser drawers’ worth of clothes and my toddler’s clothing into my checked baggage. (Plus a couple of books!)

Now I am off to brush up on my French! Be sure to check back for updates!

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