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Why I am Embracing Life and Living


As society starts to return to normal I am becoming increasingly aware that I am afraid to roam the world. Each morning, regardless of wanting to watch the news, I become discouraged and more anxious. I find myself becoming more content with staying barricade in my home. The actual thought of getting on a plane is really getting me nervous, but life must go on. The only way we are going to return to a new normal is if we take chances.

It is so easy for me, as a natural introvert, to be perfectly content wearing my pajamas all day and not going outside. Or getting up in the morning drinking coffee and watching tv. Later in the morning I get dressed and then start my day, all without going outside. Mind you that was before the mandatory lockdown.

Though now with many questions lurking, I am starting a new journey of my life. I am not going to lie I am very nervous. (as I have mentioned many times above, and in my Instagram posts.)

But isn’t this what life is about? We all know that life is short. The only way to make the most out of life is to live it. So yes it is easier to take the easy route and stay locked up in our homes. But in doing so we are limiting our lives.

This is what I am telling myself as the count down to France continues. (three more weekends!) The closer I get to take off time, I keep telling myself I am not ready. The truth is if I don’t do it now when will I? I can keep talking about moving or I could do it.

Watching people on House Hunters International is getting a bit redundant and not to mention annoying. As I watch it, I see that some people on the show have less of a budget than I do, they are moving without a job and they are paying for their visas and sending their stuff. Knowing this I am comforted that grabbing the bull by the horns is the only option for me.

Yes, the danger of getting sick is real but so is getting the flu or a common cold or even a rash. The point is we can not live our lives in fear. We must push ourselves and live our dreams and our lives.

As my house here in the PNW is getting emptier and emptier by the minute, I must confess I am also getting excited. This is a new chapter, a new adventure, and the beginning of something wonderful.

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  • Reply Angela Turner 19/08/2020 at 1:17 pm

    Yay!! Box it up…. live a story, then write it!

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