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Steps I am taking to Travel Safely


This is a strange time for all of us! As I have said in my previous post Why I am Embracing Life and Living, we have to keep moving forward in order to live. That being said there are some steps we can take to ensure that we stay safe and healthy.

The first thing I do is to plan to meet with our family doctor prior to traveling. Normally I would do this to make sure that no one has an earache before hopping on a plane, now I am making sure we are up to date on our shots and that we are healthy. If I can I book phone appointments or video chat, I don’t feel a clinic appointment is necessary unless there was something serious going on.

The next thing I do I check the airlines and the airport to see what new regulations they have put into place. At the time of this blog post, the airline I am flying with they are asking we wear masks at the airport, and on they plane.

In my next post What I have in My Travel Bags, I am going to talk about all the extra things I am taking with me to ensure we stay well. (and let’s be honest, helps make me more presentable)

As we make our way through the airport, my children have been instructed to make sure they wash their hands frequently and try not to touch a lot of surfaces. We are also going to make sure we can keep a distance of six feet, to help make others feel more comfortable. I do anticipate there will be travelers who are edgy about being around others.

Lastly, I am planning on getting loads of vitamins that I have trusted for years for me and my children. One of the items I love can be found on Amazon. You may have heard of it! This special throat spray helps a lot when you are feeling a little tickle or stuffy nose coming on. Beekeepers Immune Support. I also am bringing hand sanitizer for those times in between washing hands. I use The Honest Company Hand Sanitizer that you can get at Target.

Lastly, I have always traveled with a travel size Lysol spray or travel Clorox wipes. I use these to clean surfaces that I have to touch. They also support the vitamins and immune boosters that we already take.

There are a lot of ways to protect yourself when you travel. Some of them you may have already been doing prior to the COVID-19. Trust you know what is best for you and your family.

And remember to wash your hands for 20 seconds!

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