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I Travel with Wedges and Lipstick


Everyone has their favorite outfit or outfits. Sometimes the crisis is which one you want to wear to feel and look your best. One must think about a number of things. Which comes to my point, I have loaded up three, yes three, check bags and now I am facing the dilemma of what I am going to wear to the airport!

When traveling comfort is the name of the game, and personally I look to Victoria Beckham for guidance on how I should look at the airport. Minus the heels!

First thing sunglasses, I mean there is nothing worse than having bright airport lights flashing down on you making you look worse than you really do. And there is no amount of makeup that is going to really hide those bags and rings under your eyes. So an easy solution is to wear sunglasses. Thankfully my flight will be leaving in the afternoon instead of early morning. Which really puts the ambition to wear pajamas out of my mind.

This is how I usually arrive at the airport. Please don’t judge. Picture it, one AM in the morning, hair in a messy bun on top my head, face fresh from a wash and naked from any makeup. A sweatshirt and some stretchy legging jeans.

I will not be wearing this! Even though it is comfortable, and the jacket is thin and comfy! (Well, I might wear the jacket)

Since the rules about flying have changed a bit, and we have to fly with a mask. I bought mine from Good American, so my face mask matches pretty much anything I wear. The question is what the heck will I wear with my mask? Normally, I would have a fresh coat of lipstick on, see my previous post of what I have in my travel bag, but since I have a mask on what is the point? Instead, I will wear chapstick, cause let’s face it lips get dry at 30, 000 feet.

The great debate is wearing jeans or overalls. Now I can see the benefit of both pant choices but let’s be real here, I can’t wear overalls. Why? Um, the bathroom situation! And they don’t really look that great with my wedges. My jeans are pretty comfortable, and the super-stretchy jeggings I have are almost like leggings. I think I might be able to get away with those, and they will look great with my wedges.

What to wear on top? Since I am cold ALL THE TIME. I was thinking of layering. I figured a tee shirt and light sweatshirt and my light jacket as pictured above. But nothing like below, cause that, was wintertime.

I also didn’t travel with knee high boots, I wore trainers or sneakers on the plane. By the way I do not take my shoes off on the plane. (Just sayin)

So there you have it, my idea comfortable outfit complete with wedges. Something that will allow stretching, you know for bloating. Layers, cause if you are like me you freeze everywhere and of all my bags.

I may change my mind about what I am wearing when I travel, but whatever I decide I will be comfortable! Oh and no sweatpants are not an option. It was ingrained in me at a young age not to go into public dressed in anything that looked like pajamas or workout clothes. The rare times I have ventured out in sweatpants, I feel as though I just did something naughty, and if my mother or grandmother knew I was traveling to FRANCE in sweatpants….the insults!

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