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How I handle flying anxiety


Believe it or not, I hate flying.

Honestly I do. No matter how much I try to like it I just can not.

Right now one week to go, I am waiting for my flight and my anxiety is through the roof. My eczema is out of control, my skin is so itchy it hurts to wear simple pieces of cotton. Months, weeks, days, hours even before I hop on the flight I am already battling my anxiety.

One time when I flew to New Orleans for a baby shower I was so nervous about flying that my friend’s dad had to prescribe me something for the flight home! Good thing because during my layover in Texas we had to switch planes because of a technical issue. I almost rented a car and drove the rest of the way back to the Pacific Northwest.

There are a few things I do to try to calm myself during the waiting time leading to takeoff. I try reading, I try lavender lotions and oils. I try anxiety gummies from Whole Foods, CBD creams. (which by the way is AMAZING!!)

In a nutshell, being a suffer of anxiety for many years now, I am still not very good at recognizing my triggers and how I should handle them. My flight is about 15 hours long, and I swear I have timed that many times while sitting on my couch. Whenever I fly I manage to keep track of how long we have been in the air and then constantly wonder when we are going to land. The other thing I do is get airsick. LOVELY. Mind you it is only when we start the landing. One time when we were flying back from Germany, the plane had to circle the airport for twenty minutes. I was clammy, and sweaty and cold and nauseous. I was VERY surprised I did not get sick.

Now that I have painted a very warm and comforting picture of my woes, there are things I can do and you can do to help with flying.

A few suggestions

One important thing you should do is talk to your doctor. Together my doctor and I created a plan that works for me. Another thing you could do is to look into different types of treatments. Personally, I like to use a weighted blanket or a weighted neck wrap. However, now that bringing items on the plane is extremely limited, I bring only my neck wrap. The weight of the neck wrap is simple but it is very comforting. Another thing you could do is to try different types of cream. I use CBD cream. I don’t know if it is mental or the actual cream but I do find it very comforting and calming. There are also natural oils that you can use, such as lavender. You can pick these oils up at almost any store, or natural food store.

Music is life!

Music is another thing I like to use to help me. I found these really cool eye mask with blue tooth headphones that are, you guessed it, weighted. They are very calming and allow me to focus more on relaxing things than being in the air and not feeling like I am going anywhere! What kinds of music? Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda, Britney Spears, Civil Wars, 311, Beastie Boys, Celine, ZAZ, oh the list could go on forever! Stay tuned for a blog post on my playlist!

To the point:

Flying can be fun, when you are prepared and trust me I think I am. I am very much looking forward to my trip, as I am looking forward to another chapter in my life. As I said in a previous post, there are things in our lives that we can not let dictate how we live. My anxiety is one of those things, and I chose to live not to be a victim of it.

These are just a few things I use when ever I travel, they may not work for you but if they do let me know! If you have any other suggestions I am all ears!

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