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Things I am going to Miss from the US


Food, smells and familiar places give us all the feels when we encounter them. Sometimes when I have a pecan fresh from a tree, I think back to the time I was a little girl in Texas. I used to pluck a delicious pecan up off the ground.

The sweetness from that delicious pecan always makes me feel as though I am still that girl, full of wild dreams and crazy ideas. Such as being an actress or a ballerina.

Pecans are one of the things I will miss when I leave the US. Of course, there is the obvious, the life I am leaving behind here but then there are things I am sad to leave behind.

A quick story;

A friend of mine was getting married to a man from England. One day, right before the wedding, we all went out to explore the city and hang out. During this outing, the kids from the UK were loading up on the Kool-Aid, and not just any flavor, Orange Kool-Aid. Why? Well, Kool-Aide is only in the US, and these guys were loading up!

Things I will miss when I am gone:

  1. The option to go to the store after I just rolled out of bed.
  2. sitting in a drive-through for whatever (coffee, jimmy johns, etc)
  3. My former students
  4. Unlimited access to Wifi and data
  5. The Pacific Northwest

Things I am looking forward to:

  1. Enjoying the slower way of going through the day.
  2. sitting down and actually drinking a GREAT cup of coffee
  3. meeting new people
  4. sharing my culture with my kids
  5. Learning more about my French Family
  6. Teaching a new set of Kids!
  7. Owning chickens, pigs, and goats, or sheep!

I know the list of things I am looking forward to is longer than what I’ll be missing, and to be honest it was easier to write. This is probably due to me being excited about being in France. Or simply that I am not attached to a lot of things as I had thoughts. Regardless, I love the Pacific Northwest. It has been my home for the best part of my life and again I will miss it terribly. But I am ready to start my new adventure and new chapter of my life!

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