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Tips to Keep Fresh When Traveling


I am not an elegant traveler and after traveling for over seventeen hours, with layovers, I start to look like something from the deep dark lagoon. Oh and I feel incredible when a girl comes out of the bathroom looking as though she just stepped off a photoshoot. Even after freshening up in the bathroom I still look as though I need a nap, a drink, a shower and anything else to make one feel normal or pretty.

For instance in NYC, I washed my face, brushed my teeth, I straightened my hair because the weather was humid and my hair started to look mimic Monica on Friends when they went to Barbados. I look somewhat normal after this but then ten hours later plus seven more and then landing in Dublin I look as though I spent the month hanging out with the crew from the Hangover. Oh and I probably smelled just like Joey on Friends after he came back from a fishing trip with his dad in the episode where the takes a shower in Charles Heston’s bathroom.

(After traveling for two days)

After two days of getting across the USA and into the UK and finally into Europe I have discovered ways to keep yourself fresh!

  1. baby wipes-that’s right and no I do not have a baby. Once upon a time Brad Pitt was complaining about a co star wanting to be in character but was stinking up the set, he told this co-star “baby wipes, baby wipes man.” Well, they do the trick when you don’t have access to a shower, and if you happen to be flying with a toddler (like I was) then it works for them as well.
  2. Dry Shampoo-THIS. IS. YOUR.BEST. FRIEND. For me finding the right one is hard. I have bought expensive ones, and cheap ones. The smell irritates me and sometimes it doesn’t do what it says it is going to do. For me TRESemmé works. When you are flying, and again do not have access to a shower this helps you keep looking your best. Just spray, spread about with a brush, style and go!
  3. Chapstick-Even though you are probably wearing a mask during your flying, chapstick is still your friend. Lips get dry my friend and no one wants cracked lips.
  4. Lotion-After you use your baby wipes you may need to moisten the skin. Trust me you don’t want to feel itchy and dry when you’re three thousand feet in the air, it is just not GREAT.
  5. . Under-eye patches. I had an eleven-hour layover in NYC and by the time I got to Dublin I looked like I had partied the entire weekend. Using these cooling little patches really help to keep you looking fresh and ready to face your next flight.

Until next time, travel safe!

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