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Fairytale Wonder; Versailles


Versailles to me has always been a dream. A foggy, twinkle light, romantic dream. I heard stories about it from the time I was little and briefly learned about it in school. As I grew older I realized the importance of Versailles and what it actually means to me as a French person. Others may not agree but for me, Versailles is a magical place that not only shows you France’s amazing history but also what one person can create. (with the help of a generation of workers)

This summer I finally got to see the Chateau Versailles in person. And it was everything I ever dreamt and imagined it would be. Inside the place it was thick with perfume, I imagine just the way it was when King Louis XIV had roamed the halls. Some of the windows were open allowing waves of fresh air into the large rooms. Yes, it was hot outside but in many areas of the chateau, it was cool and refreshing.

The art and the symbolic messages inside Versailles is not easy to understand if paintings are something you struggle with, however, if you know anything about God, Jesus, or Apollo then you know the messages being submitted. The artwork is just everywhere and it is AMAZING.

I can not tell you how much I enjoyed visiting Versalles. I will say this, it is worth the hype. Even standing in line for what feels like forever just to get inside or waiting to go from room to room once inside. The gardens, the NEVER ending gardens, are much more than you think. This place is so much like a fantasy. As Louis XIV intended, Versalles is like stepping into a fairytale. There is just much magic here that you forget you are visiting an actual place created by a real man! (or several)

A must-see is defiantly the Hall of mirrors. I know you hear about it and you think this room is probably lame. But it is not. As promised this room is so bright and majestic you almost forget to breathe. The natural sunlight that pours into the room and the reflections from the mirrors really draws you in, almost making you totally unaware of the art above you! Coming here in the sixteenth century would have been astonishing. Even in 2020, I have never seen a room or a sight such as this!

Do yourself a favor and visit the Chateau of Versalles. There are cozy restaurants inside the garden, shaded and pleasant. Entering the garden is free but you can rent a golf cart for an hour around 36 Euros. Trust me it is worth it. But once you have done that tour, I recommend using a bike. There is so much you can see if you take your time on a bike. Or on a cool afternoon you could walk around. The secrets of the Garden are slow to reveal themselves but once you see them you will be amazed!

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