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Go Sight Seeing, Even Now


When I was a little girl I was told the Eiffel Tower was a sore spot in the sides of the French people. I was also told that it was not something spectacular to see. I am not sure if this was said to me as a deterrent or just simple facts that my mom and grandmother felt. Up until now the only time I saw the Eiffel Tower was in pictures, history books, or in movies such as “French Kiss.” (my favorite by the way!)

As time went on I felt an urge to visit the Eiffel Tower but honestly, I was not too thrilled about Paris. Too many people, too much going on, etc etc. Now I know this may not be something that a lot of us are thinking but COVID-19 has actually helped ease me into the city. Usually packed with tourists running around the city taking pictures and eating at little cafes, this summer has been light. For instance, when we went to Versailles we were able to buy tickets then and there and only had to wait half an hour to go inside. We were even able to get a golf cart, cause there were several available. So when the husband said he wanted to see some sights before he had to head back to the States, I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I would be.

On the metro bound for the Louvre, on a Saturday with no concrete plans we were able to not only walk around the Louvre but we were able to have lunch at our pick of restaurants. The best part was, even though we didn’t buy tickets online for the museum we were given the option to do so when we got there. Choosing not to, since the children were with us, we then took a walk to the Eiffel Tower.

The day was lovely, and refreshing after such a long heat wave! We not only enjoyed ourselves but we spent good quality family time together. That is the point of this, you should get out and look at the world around you. Even if you can’t make it to the other side of the world, explore your own back yard!

There is a lot to see, especially if you are in the US. Currently, loads of people are flocking to the mid-west and for good reason. There is hardly anyone there! Camp grounds are now overloaded with people, but that’s ok. The great outdoors can be exciting. There is Yosemite National Park, or perhaps you wanna see the beach. Since I am in LOVE with the Pacific Northwest, I suggest any beach in Oregon, especially Rockaway Beach. You could also go and finally see that mountain that everyone talks about, you even learned about it in school, Mount Rush More.

This year, thanks to many things, one of my biggest passions is getting out there and living life. Just because the world is crumbling you can get out there and explore! (oh and not spend a lot of money.) For instance when we went to the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre we chose to just sightsee, not go up in the elevator or go inside the museum. Why? We wanted to see the actual structures. That is the whole reason we went. So including the metro fees (we bought a book) and the food, we only spent about 50 euros.

No matter what activity you choose, or whatever you have at your disposal, go explore. Oh and the best part, and there is one, half the places you have in mind are the places you should go to now. Why? As I said above, no lines! Or your wait times are cut in quarters. So if ever you wanted to see Washington DC, but hated all the people traffic, now is the time! Get out there!

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