Adjusting to cooking in Lockdown, in a Tiny Kitchen


I love cooking, I really do. I would consider myself a foodie if it were not for the fact that I can not seem to create my own dishes. I often try, and when I do they come out GREAT. My speciality, however, is making someone else’s recipes my own. I believe that is what a cookbook or a particular recipe is meant for.

When I first met Ms. Lawson I was flipping through the channels when I came across this gorgeous raven-haired lovely lady flirting with the camera while liking her chocolate-coated fingers. That was my first impression. As I went deeper into the episode I realized this woman was a genius. Her hacks and easy recipes were the answer to a busy life and the 1950’s housewife inside of me.

When I moved to France I honestly thought I would have a small kitchen. I know full well that some people in Paris don’t have ovens or even stoves. I was ok with exploring the city’s restaurants and trying out different dishes native to the country.

However, as with many others, Covid-19 had different ideas.

So, once again I found myself locked inside my home, with a super tiny kitchen. Now, Let me make one thing very clear; I do not need a HUGE kitchen, I can cook anywhere. Just make sure that I have the tools and I’m gonna cook the hell out of whatever I am making. In a previous post, I did mention that I was struggling with getting items that I am used to at the markets and creating my normal cuisine. Even trying to recreate a few dishes was a bit challenging since I didn’t know what I needed to buy on each grocery trip.

Enter my cooking spirit guide: Nigella Lawson.

(who mind you has a new book coming out, check out

So, I purchased the ebook version of one of her books and started doing some research. I am still looking for ground lamb but that will happen soon! I just need to have faith that I can ask the butcher for ground lamb! (Minced lamb) However, unlike most of my other cookbooks, Nigella’s ingredients are easy to find in France. Though I do have to improvise on a few things. (Especially since I can not head around the city to go to other grocery stores.) Nigella’s cookbook has kept things fresh for me, and has done wonders for my checkbook. I am able to maintain my diet, eat a bit healthier than I would if I just ordered out. And let me tell you I would only order cheeseburgers.

Ok, now for the best part. Remember I have a tiny, tiny kitchen. Ms. Lawson is wonderful because her recipes are meant for the person who doesn’t know how to do a lot of chopping. So I don’t need the huge counter space in order to prep items. In fact most of her recipes ask for your to open something and then dazzle it up! See the genius in her!? Cause you should!

On the another good note, her recipes often only use one pan or are done in the oven. If you are lucky enough to have a slow cooker, I call mine the oven, she has got you covered on what you should throw in there! Now that I have your attention and I am sure you are hungry let me share with you my favorite recipe from Nigella Express.

Mustard Pork Chops

Let me know if you try this out during your lockdown or just because. I hope you like it!

By the way, I usually have mine with sweet potato mash from Picard. So yummy! (trying to work in those veggies)

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