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Christina in Paris has a nice ring to it, don’t you agree!

I never wanted to live in a big city, like Paris. All I wanted to do was to move out to the country. That is where my heart is and that is where I know I’ll be happy. I’ll be surrounded by my fainting goats, chickens and a couple of pigs. Ah the dream!

However, my job brought me to Paris and so I am living here in the city of lights. I know that I have complained a bit about it but there have been a lot of GREAT things happening. (oh and I wouldn’t be very French if I didn’t complain!) For instance, my commute is only eight minutes! Ha. Oh, and I am close to almost all of the attractions and the metro.

But the best part about being in the middle of the city is I get to learn so much about my history, my country’s history, and I get to share it with my kids. I love history so much, that when we go to Versailles I am giving a detailed tour.

Some once asked me if I was a tour guide, I was flattered! But also sad, I wish!

I’ve Changed!

Normally anxious and shy around people and situations I am not comfortable in, I have been buying pastries, baguettes, and ham sandwiches like a pro. Walking down the street with my head up as the fresh smells of dough infiltrate my nose. There are so many smells, good ones, and bad ones, that I wonder if these are the same scents the city has had throughout the centuries.

I have also learned so much more about my country’s history than I EVER did in my history classes in the States. Of course, it helps that I have submerged myself into French life by visiting museums and reading more books, etc.

Now to draw attention to Emily in Paris. I think the show is cute, I really do but she doesn’t get the why being in France, or Paris is special. Mind you it is pointed out to her in the show, that she whirls into everyone’s life without a thought to how things are done in France. Yes, sometimes administration is annoying. Yes, it is eye twitching when nothing is open on a Monday or that bank transactions are super slow, therefore you need to be on top of balancing your checkbook, daily! Or when you are super hungry and just want to eat at your favorite restaurant but can’t because it doesn’t open until 1 or 7 pm! But these are the reasons why we love France. The famous cafes, the historical villages, and buildings, the amazing food and of course the laid back life.

Having said that, be sure to stay tuned as I take on Paris!

My favorite place in France, Versailles.
By the way this post was written while watching Versailles on Netflix. 

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