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Moving to France really did a number on my cardio activities. I honestly thought I had gotten enough back in Oregon with all the walking through forests, going up and down stairs at work, walking from my car into a store and back again, followed by an evening of some kind of weight training at home. Oh how I was wrong!

Since moving here I have not driven in over three months! I have walked almost everywhere I have gone. Even taking a train somewhere I still walked to my final destination. For instance, each time I have gone to Versailles I have taken the train and walked a quarter of a mile to the Chateau, and then all around the gardens. At the end of the day, I have over 20,000 steps. I never got that kind of step counts back in Oregon!

However, yes there is a catch this is 2020 after all! Since going into second confinement my step count has drastically depleted. No worries! I am a lotted 1 hour of exercise every day, however, going to the park is a bit trick so it is best to just stay in as much as one can. So what is a girl to do?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I actually like working out. I do it because it helps me sleep and it helps with my anxiety. Yes, one of the side effects is toning up and losing weight. But for me, it is more of a mental cleanse and to ensure that when I am in my sixties I am more of a Kris Jenner, a woman on the go, not a lady waiting for someone to bring me my cane.

I once told my dad I wanted to be a ballerina, he laughed and gently said, “Dear you love chips too much.”

Normally I am all about the dancing from Tracy Anderson, and busting a move to sweat like a, well you can insert your own descriptive passage here mine is inappropriate!

Living in an apartment building though, I really have to think about my neighbors, and let’s face it no one wants to hear their neighbor jumping up and down on their hardwood floors while catching up on whatever shows or books they are into. So my answer to this is Barre! Yes, you heard me, Barre. Most of the time the workout consists of you using your own body weight, so there isn’t much equipment that you need to buy. There are a ton of videos on Youtube to help you get through and the best part it helps with your posture.

What the heck is a barre exercise?

A barre workout is a combination of  balletyoga, and Pilates. The exercises are low-impact and high-intensity. Each movement is meant to strengthen your body in ways that other workouts can not.

Now just because it is low-impact does not mean you can not get a difficult workout. You can find different levels of intensities. Just a simple search on the old youtube and you can up your workout game in almost an instant.

Fun fact! I love working out in my socks. For some reason I don’t like wearing tennis shoes when I work out.

The best part with Barre, you can do it in leggings and with bare feet. No you don’t need a ballet bar but you do need a chair, and almost everyone has that!

Here are some links to some of my favorites!


Coach Kel (absolutely LOVE her)

Coach Kel (sculpting-seriously LOVE HER)

Move with Nicole

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