My top 5 Holiday Movies


Oh the smell of magic is in the air, along with the smells of mulled wine, cooked meats, roasted chestnuts, and sweets. There is not a chocolate shop in town that doesn’t have festive yule logs or brioche de noel, chocolate Santa Claus, holiday chocolate houses, and other treats. Lights, wreaths, and even full-on Christmas trees are dotted around the large-small town that is Paris. Despite the Grinch (Covid-19) trying to steal Christmas the people of the world are still feeling the spirit.

Now that we are halfway opened and go on small, mini-adventures, which means there are Christmas Markets (small ones), open air markets and so much more to explore. But with a curfew, one must entertain one’s self and find ways to feel the Christmas spirit. One way we get into the mood of Christmas is by watching our beloved Holiday Classics. Here is a list of my favorite Christmas moves that I love to watch throughout the year, and many times during this time of year!

Top 5 Holiday Movies

  1. Harry Potter 1-8 I know there are seven books but there are 8 movies. I LOVE spending an entire weekend with my kids watching these movies. As they are getting older, and one is entering into his grouchy six-year-old self, I am watching these more and more by myself. But that is ok, the magic and the wonder that are in these movies are just something that I love to experience. My older son loves to join me when we watch The Prisoner of Askaban, which is my favorite movie because we spent so much time together watching this one! Plus the coziness of the Gryffindor common room is a feeling I want to bottle or make into a candle. My current dream is to have a room in my farmhouse with a cosy room just like the Gryffindor common room!
  2. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation-I love Chevy Chase, and I love this movie with Beverly DeAngelo. There is a scene where the cops come flying into the house shouting Freeze! Well they all freeze, and the pose that Beverly is making makes me laugh so hard. I would have been laughing hysterically if I were her and I had my hand there! This is a must! You just feel Clark’s love of the holiday and how he desperately tries to make it magical for his family. Plus they get a POOL!!
  3. The Man Who Invented Christmas-Ever since Downton Abby I have had a love-hate relationship with Dan Stevens. Sometimes he makes me feel like Elizabeth Bennet and he is Mr. Darcy. Meaning I want to scream at him because he hits a nerve, other times I want to hug him because he can show such vulnerability. Thus the reason why I chose this movie. He is a phenomenal actor, and this movie is so heartfelt. I would have loved to have lived in the Victorian era, as a middle-class person! The struggle he goes through to write his next great novel is profound. The way his imagination takes hold of him can be frustrating if you are married to him! But what a treat for the eyes.
  4. Home Alone (1 not 2)-I have always loved this movie. Finally, after all these years I figured out how they were able to go to France for the holidays. I don’t know if I was too little to catch it the first 1 million times that I watched it or if I just didn’t care but after realizing that everyone was talking about the McCallisters and how much money the would have to make to fly to France for the holidays had me wondering. Well, the answer is HIS BROTHER BOUGHT THE TICKETS!! Regardless of this age-old question, the movie is so charming and full of holiday spirit. As a kid who was pretty much independent since the age of 5, I can feel for Kevin. I was proud of him for making his own Christmas and taking care of himself. As a mother, I can now feel the pain that his mom felt when she realized she HAD to get back to Chicago.
  5. A huge part of me wants to put The Holiday on here. I do, but I can’t. Instead, I will say that #5 is Love Actually. The story with Liam Neeson’s character just pulls at my heart and the way he takes care of that little boy! Well, it gives me all the feels! Then there is Hugh Grant, I mean the guy loves curvy ladies! Oh and this is the ONLY movie that made me disappointed, mad and just want to spit on Allan Rickman! Not even Die Hard or any Harry Potter movie had that effect on me. BUT THIS!!!!!!!! Love Actually is just full of warmth and love that you can wrap yourself in like a blanket. If you haven’t seen this movie you are truly missing out!

When I’m not watching movies, I love to relax to a good audiobook. My current favorite read is the Jane Austen Society.

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