Christina in Paris

The French Dream


Change for me does not come easy. So when the husband asked me to decide what we should do as we faced a change in our lives I was going through some hard times. I was underappreciated at my job, I mean it was bad. I was feeling extremely low about myself, and afraid of what was to come next. So I had to give what he proposed a lot of thought.

You see seven years ago, during a Christmas trip to Germany, I told the husband I had dual citizenship in France. His face lit up like the sun, he was excited and he told me so. Right there we both admitted that we had fallen in love with Europe and knew our lives should be here. So we made a plan. As with most plans life gets in the way and those plans get shoved aside. Still, we held the idea of moving in the back of my mind. Fast forward to that fateful day during lockdown when the husband told me I had to decide what we should do. After a lot of thought, I realized that the time was now. Our youngest was getting ready to start kindergarten and we knew that school would be difficult for him if we didn’t get to France soon. My husband’s job became fully online, and as for me? Well, I loved my job. I wasn’t just at a place that I loved I belonged to something. I belonged to a community. However, after the hurt I had endured I felt as though I was an outsider looking in, and that got me really thinking. Why am I still running around in circles and I’m not in the place I want/should be. I knew I already had my answer, and I knew my husband was on the same page. But I was scared.

Moving to another city isn’t that life changing, neither is moving to a different state but immigrating to another country? Well, that had my anxiety flaring like crazy, but I knew what I had to do. So, with a deep breath and speaking as fast as I could I told the husband that we should move to France. Right then and there he said, “OK” and the thirty day notice was given, furniture was taken away, boxes were packed and labeled and then added to an extremely detailed excel spreadsheet. Everything moved so fast, and I am not ashamed to admit there were many times when I wanted to say “Slow down,” or “What are we doing?”, Or “We had a comfortable life, let’s not do this.”

But the support I got from the husband and the ease in which it took to get here, even during lockdown, reassured me. And so now I am here.

The story gets longer from there, but I am not going to bore you with how Paris was not apart of the plan!

After being here for almost six months my husband and I are now moving on to the next part of our plan. A farmhouse was always the main goal we had. Husband would continue working for a software company, in his free time he wanted to make furniture, and for me well I wanted to work in the garden, raise my boys, finish my novel, and really get in touch with my French culture. Sounds romantic doesn’t it?

Well, in reality we will do all of that but with a Bed and Breakfast. Our sweet farmhouse is going to be so cosy and warm, people will beg to live there! Ha, I am not sure that will happen but a girl can dream.

Buying property in France is a tricky process that takes up to three months. More on that process later!

Until then, that is a little bit about me, and what we are doing here in France. (Believe it or not some Americans I’ve met here have asked me that)

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