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You Should Follow Your Dreams!


I was knee-deep in Instagram looking at holiday pictures and trying to get inspired when I saw a wonderful post by a travel blogger that I simply adore. There were several pictures of her and her husband in Germany as they played in the snow. In her post, she talked about the situation that occurred right before the pictures were taken.

In the post, she said she and her husband had a heated discussion about where her mother was going to sleep since they didn’t have a couch. Sometime later they went outside for a walk and it started snowing. From there she was given the best shove from her mom.

Like Helene, that’s her name! You can follow her on Instagram here! I too moved abroad, and what she said really got me thinking!

It also reiterated what I talked about in my post Why I am Embracing Life and Living

Moving here has been a challenge for me, mentally and physically. My husband and I have been carrying on a long-distance relationship, and I have been playing the single mom. To add on to the stress of immigrating to a country I’ve only been to once, and a city I’ve never wanted to live in, Covid-19 added a new level of challenge.

However, my husband and I are looking at the bigger picture. We are getting closer to reaching the goals we set for ourselves almost seven years ago. Covid-19 exacerbated the drive to move and achieve those goals. Now that 2021 is looming in the near present I can safely say that even though it has been scary as all get out as I navigate life in France, learning new things about myself, and feeling as though I am not comfortable in my furnished apartment, this has been an amazing experience.

So, I agree with Helene. No matter how scary or how much you think you can not do something, you should have faith. You should believe in yourself because dreams really do come true!

So with a new year coming, let us all LIVE OUR BEST LIVES!

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