5 New Year’s Resolutions for You to Try


Every year we always make some crazy plan to accomplish for the incoming year. This year, being the strangest of all years, we have all probably made a HUGE list of things we would love to do once we can go exploring outside without masks. Of course, from what I’ve seen and been informed by the husband, people in the states are becoming more outdoorsy. Just look at the sales for my beloved L.L. Bean!

Normally I am anti-resolutions but this year I think we should. As part of my live your best life motto, I feel setting reasonable goals for yourself will help make this New Year the best yet.

Here are some ideas for you to try!

  1. Join a club! Not just for kids anymore, and after being cooped up for a while we all need some time away from the home. Try sites like Meetup where you can meet people with similar interests.
  2. Plan a trip! I know that sounds extreme, but you should. Even if it is for a day, head to the hills, or head to the desert. Head somewhere that you know will bring you joy. While you’re at it, try something new, such as hiking or fishing. Regardless get out of the house and enjoy the world around you!
  3. Consider Therapy. I know this is a strange resolution but after the year we have had we all need to make sure our mental health is optimal! There are a ton of apps on your phone that you can try or you can contact your local providers. Here is a list of online free support from Good Housekeeping that you could look into!
  4. Research your family history! As a lover of history, I love discovering new things. Personally, I am doing this myself! (blog post coming soon) Starting with online records, do some research on your family. When you can, if you are lucky like we are in France, head over to your county archive and look at records. Use online resources such as Ancestry or 23 and Me to get you started. Trust me, things could get very interesting!
  5. Get on Audible and listen to more books! One of my favorite things is listening to books while I am working out or walking. I have such a good time listening to biography or even books that help me with my French. That’s right, I use audible for that. Currently, my read is Ickabog. I have it in print and audio. Not only will you reach your goals of reading more, I know you are going to add this to your resolution but you will also reach your other goal of being outside by listening while on a bike ride, or walking. Trust me!

Here are my ideas for this New Years, I know it is going to be different this year but I know the future looks bright! So grab life by the horns and make those resolutions!

Happy New Year’s!

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