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Everything should know about Denmark’s kind of Cosy: Hygee


Plus six ways you can add Hygee to your life

I was wandering around the internet as I often do, and I found this article talking about the warmth of Denmark. Now I love me some Denmark and the fact that they get a solid winter! So, of course, I had to get more information. What I discovered was the word Hygge. Which of course means cosy! Well, it means more than that. It is more like describing a feeling. The feeling of being content with the little things or that special warm feeling that one gets during the holidays or when you smell something familiar such as baked cookies.

Hygge is not anything new, in fact, we can find traces of it in history books around the early 1800s. The actual word hygge is Denmark, but like most words the word was born from another language, a Norwegian word, hugga, which kind of means “to comfort” or to “hug.” You can find more about this in Dane Meik Wiking’s book  The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living (William Morrow, 2017).

So now that you know a bit about hygge, how does one do hygee?

The whole idea around hygge is to find joy in your surroundings, live in the here and now, and enjoy togetherness. Something we all need after the year we just pulled through. As the French do in everyday life, the Scandanavians use hygge to find pleasure in life. Again something we all need after last year.

How can you practice hygee? Oh, that is simple. You can enjoy your favorite things, such as reading a book by the fireplace or watching the snow/rainfall from your window. Doing this could help you to live a happier life, something which despite the dark winters Scandinavia ranks high as the world’s happiest countries.

Ready to try hygee? Use it as self-care!

Here are six ways you can practice hygee.

1. Have warm drink

On a cold wintery day there is nothing better than a spiced drink, such as apple cider or vin chaud or even hot chocolate. Whatever your favortie have your warm drink will sitting in front of the fire or while smelling the frangrance from your favorite candle. After all smells/food/drinks have strong ties to our memories.

2. Cozy blanket

When it is cold outside there is nothing better than getting that soft blanket you love so much or that warm electric blanket that just makes everything better. For me it is my weighted blanket, which I miss incredibly! Wrap yourself up in your favorite blanket and get warm. When you are alone a warm blanket surroudning you, while drinking your favorite warm drink, can feel like a hug.

3. Read your must read book (you know the one you added to your wish list months ago!)

Turn the television off, and enjoy that kindle, nook or actual book you have been staring at for the longest time. Enjoy reading a new book or a familar story. Let it transport you to a differnt world while evoking a feeling or memory in you. Such as the first time you got your first kiss, or the first time you read this book (if you are re-reading it) or your first love. Whatever, and relish in that good feeling!

4. Warm Socks or Slippers

Every year for Christmas I buy cabin socks for the family. They are thick socks with soft wool on the inside, often synthetic wool or other soft thick fabric. These babies keep your sweet feet warm and cozy. This again helps you to feel what you love to feel, the feeling of being loved, or cared about. And let’s face it there is nothing more uncomfortable than cold cold feet!

5. Candles

Denmark loves their candles! And why not, they create an atmosphere that is just lovely and can create any mood. Plus if you get the ones with a familiar scent, such as baked cookies, candles can remind you of that moment you came home and found fresh cookies waiting for you. Or the day you bought your first house and made cookies or the holidays. I love buying candles that smell like Christmas trees, they remind me of Oregon(I bought them there too), fresh Evergreens, Harry Potter and just feeling cosy. This is a great way to provide yourself with self-care, warm memories are the best!

6. Gather With Friends

This year, we are slowly getting back to normal. Now more than ever we need to reconnect, we need a lot of self-care, and what better way to do that then at to relive warm memories. Safely hang out with friends, drink some wine and ENJOY!

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