5 Warming drinks to keep you cosy this Winter!


I am very into taking care of myself right now! With so much negative stuff and worry flying around I have decided to instead focus more on positive energy and taking care of myself. That led me to research hygee, which I talk about in a previous blog post, you can read it here! As with so many of you, I have been dealing with anxiety issues, worries, stress, and added pressure since deciding to move across the world, during a pandemic. (that last part was preventable but we wanted to begin our lives in France now!) in addition to my research online for ways to uplift the mood, feel good about life, I stumbled upon cosy drinks that we should try to sip on during a frosty evening or weekend.

Here are 5 warming drinks that you should try that will keep you cosy this winter!

  1. Coffee – For me, there is something almost spiritual about coffee. The warmth that you get from the bitter notes in the brew is the essence of cosy. There is just something spectacular about holding a hot cup in your cool hands, while the steam billows in front of your face as you gingerly take your first couple of sips. This drink is especially cosy after a comforting dinner or any dinner for that matter. I picked up this habit after visiting the Netherlands in December many moons ago. Coffee just seemed to come with every meal. Since then I have it all the time in the winter. A full cafe, de-cafe, cafe latte. Now living in Paris there is nothing like grabbing a small cafe latte to warm up a bit while walking around the city.
  2. Tea– Tea is very much a journey. Tea is very aromatic and comforting, especially when you are not feeling good. You should really try a spot of tea when your throat is acting up or you just feel run down. Green tea is good as well on a cool afternoon when you want to feel as though you are making up for something bad that you did! My favorite tea is chai tea. There are so many recipes on the web that you could spend a month experimenting with. And why not? Try this wonderful drink when you are reading your favorite book or while watching the rain, trust me you’ll feel cosy!
  3. Hot chocolate-As a kid this was something I got a lot of. Now living in France, I can see that my childhood was VERY French. You can find delicious chocolate mixes everywhere they sell groceries. Believe it or not, most of them seem to be loaded with vitamins and are the go-to drink for kids in the morning. This drink is not only a way for you to relive sweet moments of your childhood but hot chocolate is a way to warm you when you’re feeling the need for a hug.
  4. Vin chaud or hot wine– Now this is a drink that requires some particular taste buds. Just because you like wine doesn’t mean you are going to like it warm and with spices. However it smells delicious, and depending on where you are or what country you are in, Vin Chaud can be wonderful. Why not warm up while enjoying yourself a little!
  5. Homemade apple cider-Apple cider for me is a new drink. I started drinking it while visiting a friend in San Fransicso during a particularly cold November. My friend quickly whipped up some apple cider by using store-bought apple juice, warming it up, and adding several spices. In the end, I was in love. Apple cider is so delicious and slightly sweet it hits all the right spots. Not only do you feel hugged but you feel as though you are drinking something good for yourself. After all, an apple a day!

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