Travel Diary: Day Trip to Sacre-Coeur


Despite not being completely opened, living in Paris has been very different. Thankfully I have been looking at this as a positive.


I have been exploring more of Paris. By the way, it is NOTHING like the movies. In reality, Paris is a small town, and because of the travel ban, I find this is the perfect opportunity to explore a tourist-free Paris.

I ask you, who wouldn’t want to see a romantic city without having crowds everywhere, or people shoving you with their shoulders, or the lurking pickpockets waiting in the shadows?

After a quick trip to the 18th arrondissement, I wandered my way to the Basilique du Sacre-Coeur de Montmartre. This amazing cathedral began construction in the year 1873 and was finally completed in 1923. Next to Notre Dame, this is the 2nd most visited cathedral in Paris. Because of the interruption of covid infecting our lives, I haven’t seen the inside of Notre Dame, and I am sure it is glorious. Having said that, Sacre-Coeur is just breathtaking! Inside and out.

I am going to warn you that I do not have pictures of the inside because it specifically said no pictures, and despite everyone there taking pictures I chose not to.

When you walk into this amazing church immediately you are transported into another time. Under your feet is a beautiful stone, and wood is everywhere. There are wooden pews, wooden panels on the walls and then you see the marble and the silver and gold. If you end up attending mass here, you will also be privileged to hear the acoustics of the church.

Cathedrals like these really fascinate me, because the architect really thought about everything. I find it amazing the way they accounted for everyone to hear the mass without a microphone. It is all about the design!

I almost forgot about the sculptures! My goodness they are just amazing. Some were of course made of marble but others, I think, were silver plated. In addition to the artwork and stained glass you are privilege to see read amazing historical facts about the church. Including gifts from the French Navy!

If you find yourself in Paris, this cathedral should definitely be on your list.

Oh and don’t forget the gate right in front of the church with all the love locks. Most places were closed so I was not able to buy my own lock but during the regular season I am sure you will find a ton of places ready to sell you a love lock.

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