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French Girl Picks: Healthy Options that Work for Me


Knock on wood, I have been feeling excellent as of lately. Despite getting a cold at the beginning of winter but that seemed to have vanished almost overnight. Back in the States, the cold would have lasted several months, ending with a two-month-long dry cough and a hoarse voice before finally calling it quits. Back then I would have taken whatever my doctor gave me until I gave up putting a plethora of useless chemicals into my body and trying something new. What did I try? Well, more of a natural and homeopathic approach.

Now, not everything I do or have done may work for you as it has for me. I have a habit of either listening to my body and following the research. You have to do what is best for you, if you think some of this may work for you then I urge you to discuss it with your doctor!

The first would be a throat spray from Canada to help with the hoarseness. The second would be a cough medicine from France but can be found in the UK that is called chesty cough. This power medicine only attacks my cough, not things I am not experiencing. This is something that has always bugged me, I don’t want to take a medicine that is going to combat things I am not experiencing. I don’t usually have a runny nose with my dry cough. I don’t have the sneezes, or the fever, or whatever else. I just have a dry cough that lingers. (and after many x-rays it is determined it is not asthma.)

Along with all of this I also used to use a natural chest rub that I would get at Whole Foods or another natural food store. In a pinch I would also use a bit of eucalyptus oil. This amazing oil is known to quiet a cough, and clear your chest. (GOOGLE IT).

In between my times of sickness and wellness, I would often take multivitamins that were meant for me and my age. In the States, I found a delivery service called ritual (click the ritual button to check it out!) These vitamins were/are amazing. They are filled with all the good stuff and none of the bad. They are even specifically made for your needs in mind. As an anemic they were amazing for my iron levels, helping me not to have to take so many supplements. (don’t forget to consult your doctor before you try these for yourself, especially if you are anemic like me)

Feeling good and looking good are all goals we want to achieve, especially now. I no longer have access to these multivitamins, I now take a French brand that is all-natural, orthosamine. Click the button below to find out more!

I really do like these vitamins. They are really light and don’t upset my stomach as most vitamins tend to do. I also like that they are made with natural ingredients, though I could do without the seaweed taste… They do give me a boost of energy, which could be all in my head but I feel they do the trick. Having said that they do not keep me up at night. Which is a good thing because we all need a good night’s rest!

Since taking vitamins, making sure to get as much rest as I can, and drinking as much water as I can I have actually noticed I do not get as sick as often.

Here is a tip!

I actually keep a tally and reward myself with something else when I reach my water goal. I found out a long time ago that the only way to get ourselves to change our thinking or even adapt to a new lifestyle is to condition ourselves. One way to do that is through treats. All things, for me, have helped prevent me from getting sick so often. Which I am grateful for since we are living through an epidemic.

Now, don’t roll your eyes but fitness is also just as important. Though I have not worked out in the same capacity as I used to. Lack of space is my reason, but the lack of a car helps. I walk everywhere unless I need to go somewhere really far then it is the train followed by more walking. Each day I tend to get about 10,000 to 14,000 steps, not including the number of times that I go up and down stairs or up and down a hill. (Did you know Paris is pretty hilly?) I do try to squeeze in a few arm exercises and some lunges or other leg moves to keep things lifted. You know for the husband! (Or myself when I wear my jeans)

In addition to fitness, I also believe it is equally important to eat well. Once upon a time I was vegetarian, and then I become pregnant with my younger son, so I became a Pescatarian until my OBG-YN informed me that I was dangerously anemic and I needed to start eating red meat. Thinking that my body would return to its normal state before the pregnancy I decided to go ahead and eat beef, pork, chicken, duck, whatever. Well, fast forward to after I had my son and I was told to continue to eat the meat. At the time I didn’t think this was a big deal, after all my body was going to be what it was before. (Yes, I had a kid before, and yes as an educated woman I know this type of thinking was silly) Still, I had hoped! My son is now five, and I am still anemic. Which is ok, this is just my new norm. I manage my anemia through my diet and with supplements. (as per my doctor’s instructions). However, that does not mean that I am always eating high fatty red meat. OH no! I live in France now, the land of pork and duck. I eat a lot of duck, and of course a lot of chicken. Though most of the time, when I am not in the meat-eating mood I am eating salad with spinach greens or sardines-yes they are delicious. Or I am eating hearty soups. (in the winter) In the summer I still have soups but they are eaten more at room temp. Personally, I am not into diets. I feel some work and then I feel some don’t. We are all creatures of habits but sometimes we are just creatures who like things that are easy or handy. Or things we are used to. I no longer have access to things like cheeze its, or a plethora of chips, France is not a snacking country. Which is cool, I am not much of a snacker. Instead, I have developed habits of eating more cheese and yogurts. One of the biggest things I have learned since moving here, and I’m warning you it is no secret but moderation is key. Enjoy your life! If you want to eat chocolate all day one day do it, just don’t do it every day! The next day eat something super healthy, maybe throw in another day if go overboard eating your favorite treat.

Another way of wellness is from the outside. I am not aging very well, in fact, I have been doing it kicking and screaming. One way to calm the nerves about the process is to do things that are beneficial not just for my skin but for my mental health. So I tend to do facial massages and scrubs. Lately, I am into masks and under-eye puffiness reducing. I am finally glad that I found a moisturizer that I love, love, love! Made in France but sold pretty much everywhere even in the States, this stuff really makes your skin look radiant. I actually see a glow coming from within. This wonder cream and other items that I use is Filorga. Click the button below to find out more!

The point of my idea of healthy choices is just that. In everything you do there is going to be a lot of good and some bad. For instance, no one on the planet eats clean and great ALL the time! There are times when we want to get loaded off of whatever drink we love or indulge in some kind of treat like cake or butter and that is ok! The point is to do what makes your body, spirit and life enriched. I am stealing this philosophy from my unofficial adopted mother Nigella Lawson!

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