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French Girl Picks: Do you wash your face before bed? You should, and here is why!


We have all been there, after a long and hard day you don’t want to think about things like taking a shower or washing your face. All you want to do is get into your sweats, order your favorite take out and binge-watch something on Netflix. For many of us, this happens often, because let’s face it, life happens. We allow our daily struggles and mental exhaustion to dictate our day and moods. However, forgoing something simple as washing your face, on a regular basis can lead to issues with your skin.

So what does happen to your face if you forget to wash before bed? Well, think about it for a moment. Go ahead I’ll wait.

You could experience your skin drying out, breakouts, or something more serious.

Though one night will not cause lifelong damage, but not having a face washing routine can cause issues in the long run. For instance, in the air, there are things called particles. You know that, you see them floating in the sunlight. We often refer to these little floaters as dust. Well, guess where that lands? That’s right, on your face. Then there is the added, constant touching of your face. Even if you don’t realize it you touch your face all day long. It could be as simple as brushing hair away from your eyes. Or wiping something off of your mouth. And what is on your hands? More dirt.

I am sure that rubbing your face also adds oil or increases oil production. Cleaning your face helps to clean off the build up of dirt, and oil that can leand to breakouts and (gasp) aging.

Since as far as I can remember I have always washed my face before going to bed. It was something that was instilled in me when I was a mere six years old. I remember watching my sister plaster Noxzema on her face while listening to George Michael. Being ten years older than me, I saw her as the most knowledgeable person I knew. So if she said to wash my face before and after bed, I did. Later I learned she had learned this from my mother, who showed her how to wash her face when she was just a little older than I was.

Another thing she taught me is to make sure that you moisturize your face. Why? Well just like when you take a shower you strip your skin of oils that keep your skin plump and soft. So the way to keep your skin from going dry you apply lotion to your body. Your face is no different.

Over the years I have learned that you can not just use any kind of soap or moisturizer. Oh no! You have to use what is best for your skin, and there are many varieties out there.

For instance, you could have skin that is perfect no dry spots or overly oily spots. You wouldn’t use a cleanser meant for someone who is super oily would you? No. Same if you were super oily, you wouldn’t grab a cleanser that was only meant for someone who is not prone to breaking out and doesn’t have oily skin.

When going to your local beauty story, and yes I recommend you go to a beauty store like Sephora or Ulta. (Not Target-unless you are fully aware of what you are doing). Why? These girls are surprisingly knowledgeable in their products. Remember stores like Macy’s? Well, the Clinique girl doesn’t work for Macy’s she works for Clinique. And therefore only knows about Clinique products. So when she asks you about your skin, she will know what product is best for you, and also what moisturizer you should use.

Don’t be afraid that she is going to upsell you on everything. If she mentions something aside from what you asked for then be sure to ask if they have samples of products she recommends. Don’t worry if she asks you why, simply explain you want to make sure you don’t have a reaction to the product before you commit.

Oh and don’t forget to ask about the return policy. What if the cleanser makes you break out? Can you exchange it? You’d be surprised the company wants to make you happy and be a lifelong customer. So don’t be afraid to ask.

Once you know what products to you, make sure she has told you how to use them. I know it seems silly, you apply and rinse then slather on the cream. Well sometimes that isn’t always the case. Let’s use Clinique again, they have a three step system. I believe step one is the toner, step two is the cleaswer and step three is the moisturizer. Be sure you know what steps you need to take with your cleanser. Trust me there is a reason.

The skincare products you are thinking about are meant to work together. They each serve a specific purpose that will help your skin. Otherwise, why did you purchase them?

Personally, I like to make sure that I add a lot of moisture to my face before bed and when I wake up. As I have mentioned before in previous posts, after my pregnancy I became painfully, and often annoyingly aware of chemicals and dirty products. So after purging everything I owned, I started new and fresh. Being French, I looked to French products. Especially since the EU has different more stringent regulations on beauty products than say the US. While living in the states I was using the products Vichy, which you can find at Target or any Walgreens.

After moving to France I had a hard time deciding what I wanted or needed. Thank goodness the girls at the pharmacy know every product there and are able to take one critical eye towards you and figure out your needs. For me, it is Filorga, which you can also find in the US. (I know I was shocked too, having never heard of it until I moved to France)

This stuff is so light and refreshing, and the scent is wonderful. The meso- mask makes my skin feel…clean! Not only that but it makes me feel as though I didn’t strip away a lot of natural oils and good stuff my skin produces. Again, this was recommended for me and it has worked well with my skin combination. I am a combination of oily and dry, mainly in the T-zone. This product, for me, is not only lovely but it doesn’t appear to clog my pores or exacerbate any underlying problems I may have. Such as my eczema.

So the next time you decide to skip washing your face for the third night in a row, remember you are now causing harm to your skin. Your skin, even the skin on your face is your largest organ so take good care of it.

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