How to Create a Work-Life Balance


Working from home used to be the ideal way to work, and then Covid happened. Now we are looking for ways to get out of the house, the other downfall is creating a work-life balance. With our offices taking over our guest bedrooms, master bedrooms, living rooms, or kitchen tables finding the balance is becoming increasingly difficult. Regardless of your lifestyle or life situation, remember that the most important thing you can do for yourself is to find what works for you when you check out for the day.

Below, are ideas to help you separate work and self-care time that fits your lifestyle.

Ignore your emails first thing in the morning

We are all slaves to our phones and the internet. Our email has increasingly become vital for our work and personal lives, however, looking at your emails first thing in the morning sets your day off on the wrong foot. How so? Think about it, you woke up and started your day immediately. There was no moment of getting yourself prepared for the day, mentally and physically. What to do? Well, enjoy your cup of coffee. Again, many of us are still working from home so there is no commute to worry about. There are no trains to catch, and there isn’t a rush to get out the door to drop off the kids. Enjoy the morning. I do this by getting up just a tad early, I have always done this, and making a really good cup of coffee. During Black Friday I invested in a really good espresso machine, and I have loved it ever since. That really good cup of coffee kind of sets my mood. I feel almost spoiled, and I feel as though each morning my coffee is being specially made to my specifications just as it would at Starbucks. Minus the occasional mess up that I had to deal with in the past. Doing this really lets you start the day off on the right foot. I find I am more motivated and kind of eager to get to work.

Even though it feels good, get out of your pajamas.

Sweat pants are the best, and so are my SKIMS leggings but if you have ever read “Who moved my Cheese” then you know that you tend to behave based on how you dress. Sounds nuts, I know but it is true. If you wear sweat pants you feel relaxed and chill, right? In fact, you sort of getting a craving to bust out the salty chips and the salsa then binge-watch Gilmore Girls. In addition to being the mindset of lazy or chill, you also don’t look very professional in your zoom calls. Now there is no need to bust out with the full-on normal work attire, but you should wear something presentable. Save the hoodie for casual Fridays! One last thing, changing out of your lounge clothes also breaks up your day, so when your day is over you mentally prepare for it to be over, cause you’re now in your sweatpants!

Take a break! 

Mentally this is the best thing you can do for youself. When we are the office taking a break is included in the labor laws, working at home isn’t any differnet. Even getting up and going outside for 15 mintues will do you a world of good. Not only will you clear your mind but you won’t feel the burden of being at work “all the time” weighing down on you. This time last year, when we were all required to stay home, I was also working remotely. Normally, at the office, I would put in a good eight or nine hour day, (with breaks), but at home my husband helped me realize I was working almost 12 hours straight with barely a lunch break. In addition to the hours I was keeping, I was also being critized A LOT for things that were out of my control which in turned caused me to work longer house. When summer finally came and so did my vacation I was worn out completely.

I know that it isn’t easy to take a break, but trust me it will do you some good. GEt up, walk around, get a fresh cup of coffee, go outside and smell the fresh air, soak in some vitamin D. Or catch up on a soap opera!

Same goes with your lunch break, step away from the computer!

Have something to look forward to each night. 

This I think is the high light of my whole day! I always plan on something I love in the evening. Whether it is reading a book or watching my favorite show. During the changing of the seasons I love to rewatch my favorite movies. For instance right around Thanksgiving I start my Harry Potter marathon. And I am ashamed to say this but when Fall really hits, I squeeze in my Twilight marathon.

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