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French Girl Picks: Tips for Winding down after a Long Day


I am a girl on the go, with a commute time of 53 minutes each way! My day normally begins at 4:50am in the morning and then ends around 10pm. If I can get everything I need done done! I do use a lot of my commute time on the train to complete some paperwork, or plan for the upcoming week. It is time well spent!

However, like anyone I also need to relax. If I don’t find ways to unwind then the stress kicks in and my anxiety is triggered. Trust me no one wants to be around when that happens. If you are anything like me then your anxiety turns you into a caged animal and you get aggressive, cause you’re scared.

Here are some things I do during the week, and sometimes on the weekends to either help me wind down or settle old nerves.

“Mr. Bennet, how can you abuse your own children in such a way? You take delight in vexing me. You have no compassion for my poor nerves.” Mrs. Bennet Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen  

  1. Take a Beat!

When I come home I take a moment to catch my breath. During my commute my five-year-old will talk my head off! Sometimes it is adorable other times I just want silence. So while he is watching Disney+ I am listening to an audiobook, working or listening to music. But when I am home, I change into something comfortable and then sit on the couch for at least ten minutes. I feel I deserve at least ten minutes to decompress after the day! This moment in my day gives me energy to get up make and eat dinner, get the five-year old showered and dressed, talk to the husband, and then relax again.

2. Make a warm or cold drink .

I love nothing more that snuggling on the couch with a really good tea or a cuppa decaf coffee. For cold drinks I look for a glass of really good wine. Thankfully, I am in the land of really good wine! It is even nicer that the wine sellers are helpful in helping you find the perfect wine for you. Now I am not a huge drinker, in fact I would say my last drink of wine was almost two months ago but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy sitting down on the couch, sipping my wine while reading a great book! Or drinking one of my warm drinks, especially when it is cold outside. The point is, these drinks just settle me. They are signals for my mind to release the stresses of the day and just focus on the warmth and appreciation for the quiet.

3. Watch a favorite show

When I need a good cry I return to the show “A Million Little Things”, or I watch the move “NeverLand”, or “Pride and Prejudice.” When I need a good laugh I watch “Hot Fuzz”, “Gavin and Stacey” or “American Dad.” Like with scents television can be used as a way to evoke feeling, not just tuning out. Thinking about someone else’s issues often helps to ease your mind.

4. Have some Spiritual Time

One of the things I love to do for myself is touch base with my faith. I enjoy either sending special thanks to God about all the good things that in my life and for my family. I also read books or passages that help me to recharge. Regardless of your faith or how you get spiritual I feel it is such a good thing for the for the soul to just give yourself a few minutes of uninterrupted time to reconnect.

5. Light some candles or turn on some twinkle lights.

I love candles and twinkle likes, and apparent so do my fellow Europeans. The candles help to set a mood when I am reading a book or just to have something pleasant to smell. I love the twinkle lights because I love the romantic vibes they give to my home. I also love the cosy feeling they envoke.

6. Music

Soft, romantic music does it every time. Sada, ZaZ, or Marah Carrey, even Tina Turner or Frank Sinatra soothes the soul. With a glass of your favorite drink or colouring book (which by the way is a great way to unwind) this is the perfect way to end a long day!

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