About Moi


I’m  Christina  and I started this blog because I wanted to be writer.  Honestly, this was just for fun. And then, it became a place for me to share my life adventure and dreams. This blog allowed me to not be frightened of my dreams and  embrace life.

When my husband and I traveled to Germany to visit relatives, it was then I informed everyone I had duel citizenship.  Putting that on the back burner for a month or two, my family and I moved to the Pacific Northwest.
I never thought I would love the PNW as much as I do, and how hard it would be to say goodbye.  Remember my duel citizenship? Well, after a short while the husband said to me, “we should really consider moving.” After some serious thought and conversations, we decided that we would move.

I still can not believe we are doing it!

But We DID ! We Moved abroad!

So what is this blog about, anyway? I share with you my life, my travel experiences, my moving process, and how I manage motherhood. Through the lessons and experience I have learned,  I share with you tips and ways you can discover how to enjoy life!

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