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Christina in Paris

Life in Paris is fascinating, and not for everyone! Oh, and it is nothing like movies! Check out how I navigate Paris. Bring tissues, cause it is going to get silly!

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    The farmer’s life for me Once upon a time if you would have asked me where I wanted to live I would have said something like Boston, NYC, or San Francisco. Sometime during the…

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    Tips to Beat Parenting Burn-out

    This pandemic has lasted way longer than any of has anticipated. At first it seemed like a good thing to be at home for an extra Spring Break, and then a week spread into…

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    How to Create a Work-Life Balance

    Working from home used to be the ideal way to work, and then Covid happened. Now we are looking for ways to get out of the house, the other downfall is creating a work-life…

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    Researching My Family Tree

    I love to research. The smell of old books, card catalogs, and cranky librarians are just a few things that I love about research. When I moved to France a few months ago I…

  • Christina in Paris

    The French Dream

    Change for me does not come easy. So when the husband asked me to decide what we should do as we faced a change in our lives I was going through some hard times.…

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    My favorite at Home Workout

    Moving to France really did a number on my cardio activities. I honestly thought I had gotten enough back in Oregon with all the walking through forests, going up and down stairs at work,…