French Girl Picks: Let it Go

The way to heal is to learn how to let go Over the years I have learned one thing, we as humans are incredibly stubborn. We also hold on to so much, it is very hard to just let go. If we could easily let go and forgive we would all be set free. But of course something always happens. When something, anything happens good or bad it touches a place inside of you that has been there as long as you can remember, and instead of trying to deal with it, you push it back down, burying it further inside of you until the next something happens. My first angr[...]


How I Reset When Life Becomes TOO Much

Last month, I was given a gut punch by my boss. He didn't want me around anymore. I felt a deep unbearable ache that I couldn't push aside, as I normally would. I was desperate to curl into a ball and cry. But I am here in France with two kids, and my husband is in the States. At that moment I felt as though I was going to fall over like a house of cards. I reached out to a colleague and a lawyer. During this moment of severe heartache, I wondered how in the world I could let a few agonizing minutes ruin the hard self-work I had put into myself go to waste.[...]


French Girl Picks: Self-Care, Reflection and Growth

I am currently sitting in front of my television watching Pope Francis discussing how much our lives have changed since the pandemic began. If you are in the same boat as me then you too have changed a bit as well. During these on and off confinements and continuous bad news, we have learned a great deal about ourselves. What we can achieve, and how helpless we really are. Looking back at our empty cities, towns, and villages we are still faced with choices. I certainly have learned to choose more of what really matters. I have had to learn to take the time[...]



French Girl Picks: Walking When I lived in Oregon everyone and their mother walked or ran, no matter the weather. Which I found to be inspiring. I used to run like crazy in NOLA (New Orleans), but as I’ve gotten older I realized that running was causing damage to my hips and knees. Since moving to France I have […] French Girl Picks: My Summer List It is no secret that I am not a huge fan of summer. There are reasons why I am not a fan, the biggest being the heat.[...]